1. Will New Middle School Pathway students wear uniforms? Yes. For more details, check out the "School Uniforms" link in the Resources tab above.
  2. Is there a supplies list? Yes. You can view the supplies list by clicking on "Supplies List" in the Resources tab above.
  3. How will I know my child's schedule? On the first day of school, your child receive the name of their homeroom teacher. When they report to their homeroom teacher at 8:45am, they will receive their class schedule for the first semester with all their teachers and classes. Additionally, parents who access the LAUSD PASSport portal will be able to view their child's schedule, as well as monitor grades and assignments, as well as communicate with teachers using the learning management system, Schoology. You can sign up for PASSport here: https://achieve.lausd.net/Page/10470
  4. What time can I drop off my child? You may drop off your child between 8:15am and 8:40am to ensure on-time arrival in class at 8:45am each morning. 
  5. Where can I drop off my child? Our school entrance is located at 8701 Park Hill Drive. If you are dropping your child off on Park Hill Drive, please be sure to do so south of the school, next to the football field. This will ensure a safe traffic flow and prevent congestion directly in front of the school.

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