Schoology is an online learning management system that allows you to view your child's graded assignments, view their upcoming assignments, and communicate directly with their teachers.

Begin at the following website:

Creating your account involves an easy one-time 3-step setup process. A short two-minute video on how to do this initial setup is available at the following link:

After going through the steps of setting up your Schoology account for the first time, you may simply access Schoology directly from the Schoology website ( and log in directly with your email address and password. You may also download and use the free Schoology app for your mobile device (

Finally, after setting up your Schoology account, one of the things you may use it for is to directly contact teachers. A short video to see how is here:

Additionally, our College Coach, Ms. Cervantez, can offer additional assistance. She can be contacted at

Have an excellent day and feel free to call the school should you have any questions.